A Burning Newspaper

Why it’s Not Good to Ban Tabloid Newspapers

November 19, 2016 Jason Webb 0

On Thursday, students at the City University of London voted to ban the tabloid newspapers The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express from the campus. The move is part of a motion called “opposing fascism and social divisiveness in the UK media”, and is perhaps even more significant […]

A symbol of hatemongers and hate-mongering

Are you being manipulated by hatemongers?

November 18, 2016 Jason Webb 0

Here in the UK, there have recently been a series of adverts on TV for the National Lottery. However, rather than showing you the amazing life that you could be living if you win several million pounds, they take a rather different approach. Each advert features a celebrity who people […]

A couple of frightened figures

What I learned from the US Election (and Brexit)

November 15, 2016 Jason Webb 0

I have to admit that, living in the UK, the result of last week’s US Presidential Election won’t have as much direct impact on me as it does on people who live in the States. However, there is an important lesson that we can all take away from the US […]