"I am right." "Me too." - A cartoon of two people exercising their freedom of choice.

Why you can never lose The Freedom of Choice

November 25, 2016 Jason Webb 0

A lot gets said nowadays about freedom. Freedom seems to be the buzzword of the modern age. However, it’s actually quite funny that in these supposedly educated, liberated times, the term “freedom” is still used in such a confused way. I find it ironic to think of how free I […]

A Burning Newspaper

Why it’s Not Good to Ban Tabloid Newspapers

November 19, 2016 Jason Webb 0

On Thursday, students at the City University of London voted to ban the tabloid newspapers The Sun, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express from the campus. The move is part of a motion called “opposing fascism and social divisiveness in the UK media”, and is perhaps even more significant […]