Surveillance – Lyrics – A Song by Jason Webb

Epsilon Mind - Electronic Music - Synthpop

The full lyrics to Surveillance, the song I recorded as part of my Epsilon Mind electronic music project. You can also listen to the full song here: Epsilon Mind.

Surveillance! Keeping an eye.
Big Brother is watching you from up high
Computers! Recording your life.
The lives of your children, your husband or wife.

Information! Stored in the vaults.
Electronic records of electronic thoughts.
Data! Stored in the cloud.
Constantly connected. No freedom allowed.

Connection! Through radio waves.
Controlling the way that a person behaves.
Focus! On a pocket device.
Feed us what’s naughty, and feed us what’s nice.

Automation! No humans involved.
A solitary existence, is how we’ve evolved.
Reflections! From a shiny screen.
Pictures of places that we’ve never been.

The future! Tell us what’s next.
Sell us the update that everybody expects.
Progression! There’s no standing still.
Machines to cure and machines to kill.

To listen to this song, please visit: Epsilon Mind