New Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Video – My Thoughts

Watch Dogs 2 Game Screenshot Reveal 3

At E3 2016 this week, Ubisoft revealed the first Watch Dogs 2 gameplay walkthrough video. As this is the first time we get to actually see a mission in the game being played, I want to give my thoughts on it.

If you’ve not seen the video yet, here you go:

Brains or Brawn?

One of the main things I like about the missions in Watch Dogs 2 is that you genuinely have a choice about how to tackle them.

One of my biggest frustrations with the original Watch Dogs missions was that I always felt like i was being railroaded into a shoot-out, no matter how tactical and stealthy I tried to be. Despite all the technology at my disposal, I still found myself hiding behind objects waiting to pop out and shoot somebody.

According to the voice-over in the new gameplay video, it’s now possible to complete missions without even setting foot in the danger zone, just by clever use of your hacking tools and gadgets. Being a natural thinker, I like to have this option. Of course, if you want to go in all-guns-blazing, you can still do that. The choice is yours.

Eye in the Sky

The second thing I like is the use of the drone for scoping out an area.

Despite all the CTOS cameras in Chicago in Watch Dogs 1, there were always situations when you couldn’t quite get the view you wanted, so you’d often end up running around the block trying to find a camera that you’d missed. This isn’t a problem in Watch Dogs 2, with your handy camera drone that you send up to examine the situation from any angle you want. From your drone’s view, you can then also switch to a traditional camera to see further inside a building.

Developer Interview

In a developer interview video that was released just prior to E3, a few more details about gameplay were given.

Firstly, your drone and your RC jumper can be destroyed, but they can also be replaced again. This means that you can potentially use your drone as a weapon by strapping a bomb to it and flying it at some bad guys.

Secondly, my fears from my previous Watch Dogs 2 article have been put to rest, as the ability to invade other human players in multiplayer mode will still be in the game, as well as the co-op modes.

There’s no clear indication yet about what form these player invasions will take, but apparently the new gadgets and hacking skills will add some extra variety to it.

I imagine it’ll be great fun to start hacking somebody, and then watch them run after an empty car that you’ve just remotely sent driving off down the road. The drone will also come in handy for locating those campers from the first game who just used to hide in inaccessible corners of rooftops and wait for other players to invade.

Marcus Holloway vs. Aiden Pearce

The new protagonist in Watch Dogs 2, Marcus Holloway, certainly seems like a fun and lively character to play, but I must admit that I never had the problem with Aiden Pearce that many people did.

Unlike Marcus, who is more of a “lulz” hacker, Aiden’s motivation was a family tragedy, and therefore he was a lot more dry and focused in his approach. Sure, he came across as a bit of an unlikable character, but I think it fitted his backstory of being emotionally scarred and having trust issues. Aiden Pearce wasn’t out to make a political statement or to gain publicity for a cause, so he kept his head down and just took care of business, without any whooping or hollering.

Marcus Holloway, on the other hand, is most definitely out to make a political statement. In the trailers so far, we see him putting up DedSec posters, and we see him and the other DedSec members celebrating as their follower count increases. They want the World to know when they carry out an action, which is the polar opposite to Pearce.

I’m really looking forward to playing as Marcus and exploring San Francisco though. As I said in my previous article, it seems like a much more fun place to explore than Chicago, with a lot more to do.

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date

Watch Dogs 2 is set for release on 15th November 2016, but you can pre-order it right now:

Pre-order Watch Dogs 2 now on Amazon UK

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If you want to watch the developer interview video that I mentioned earlier, you can see it here: