MMA Manager Game – Playing Hints & Tips

MMA Manager Game mobile game for iOS ( iPhone & iPad ), Android, and Amazon Fire

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Playing Instructions – iOS ( iPhone & iPad ), Android Mobile Devices, and Amazon Fire

1. You should save the game at regular intervals (especially after you’ve just run an event). Two save slots are available for manual saves.

2. There is also an Auto-Save feature. The game auto-saves at 2 points:

1) AFTER pressing “Advance Game”, but BEFORE that day’s event runs.
2) AFTER pressing “Quit Game” button in Game Menu and returning to game title screen. Therefore, it’s always best to “Quit Game” when you’ve finished a play session, rather than just exiting the app.

NOTE: Both auto-saves share the same save slot, and will overwrite each other. They will not affect your two manual save slots.

3. It’s advisable to manually save often, rather than just relying on auto-save. If the save process is interrupted due to an unexpected event such as flat battery or a device crash/freeze, the save file may be corrupted and unusable. Therefore, alternate your saves between all three slots (manual and auto) to avoid possible upset.

Tutorial Videos

In each episode of this tutorial video, I personally guide you through the game, so that you can get maximum success and enjoyment from playing it.


Video not playing? Click here to view on YouTube:

Learn the basics about choosing your MMA federation, loading and saving, finding your way around the main menu screens, assessing the talents of your fighters, and how to find new fighters to hire.


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Learn how to book events, fights, and promo spots so that you’ll make a profit for your MMA federation, and build the popularity of your fighters.


Video not playing? Click here to view on YouTube:

A look at how the rankings and ratings have updated after our MMA federation’s first event.


Video not playing? Click here to view on YouTube:

How to book a PPV (pay-per-view) event, and a look at the end of month rankings for both fighters and MMA federations.

Hints & Tips

1. On the free agent rankings screens, you will see a rating from 1 to 20 (1 worst, 20 best) for each fighter to give you a rough idea of how good a fighter is, even if they haven’t fought yet. However, the only true test of a fighter’s ability is when they fight, so let their record tell the story.

2. Fighters who are injured cannot take part in matches, and will not be available for selection. You can, however, promote them on your TV shows using video promos, in order to stop their popularity from dropping. Once they are a few weeks away from full fitness again, they will become available for in-ring promo spots. However, they will still not be able to take part in matches until they are 100% fit.

3. The fan buzz of fighters and events is based on a scale 1 to 20, with 20 being the best. For TV shows, this popularity will be converted a Nielsen-style TV rating, and for pay-per-view events, it will be converted into a PPV buy rate.

4. Fighters will cool down and lose popularity if they are not kept alive in the fans eyes with matches and promo spots.

5. Although it might seem a good idea to put on the same high rating matches every week in order to make money, constant losses may hurt one of the fighters. As their fan buzz drops, the match will start to draw a lower and lower rating.

6. Although wins are obviously good for a fighter’s fan buzz, a skilled and hard-working fighter can lose the match, but still come out of it with a good buzz.

7. Pay attention to the combined fighter buzz of your matches when booking cards. The higher up an event card a fight is, the more it will affect the overall rating of the event, with the main event having the most affect. Therefore, book good fights higher up the card, and use the opening one or two fights to build up the popularity of lesser known fighters.

8. Keep an eye out for news from your staff immediately after your monthly PPV event, as this is when you’ll be informed of fighters who have just entered the last month of their contract. If you don’t sign them to a new contract before you next advance the game, you may find that another fed signs them. Likewise, immediately after another fed’s PPV event is when you’ll have the best chance of snatching away their talent before they sign a new contract.

9. The amount of money the company executives will allow you to spend on hiring new fighters depends on your profit for the previous month. If you’ve been losing money, they’re not likely to let you increase the wage bill by hiring new fighters. If, however, you already have a lot of money in the bank, they may allow you to invest a small percentage of it in hiring new fighters.

10. MMA Manager Game harks back to the old days of mixed martial arts events like the original UFC tournaments, when each fighter wanted to prove that their martial art was superior to the others. Therefore, a kickboxer will always tend to rely on their kickboxing skills, whereas a wrestler will primarily be looking to wrestle. However, every fighter can learn new skills over time, so a kickboxer may develop some ground moves and submissions, even if they prefer to still stand and strike. As for “MMA fighters”, they’re the new-school of well-rounded fighters, and may go for either stand-up or a ground game, depending on what they prefer.

11. You tell me… If you have a question about playing MMA Manager Game, please email me, and I will answer it, and add the most popular hints here.