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Cordless Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn can be a chore. It’s a job that can ruin your enjoyment of a sunny summer’s day, and turn it into a time of stress. That’s why I’m going to tell you how a cordless lawn mower can make your life easier, so your garden becomes an enjoyable place to be again.

As it happens, self-powered cordless lawn mowers have actually been around for many, many years. Over 100 years, in fact. Of course, they ran on petrol, so were noisy, smelly, and often a pain to start.

Eventually, somebody created an electric lawn mower, and with it the horror of the trailing power cord.

So, until recently, you had two choices for your garden, petrol or corded electric… then the battery-powered cordless lawn mower came along.

Move Freely

A cordless lawn mower lets you roam freely around the garden without the restriction of a power cord that never seems to let you get where you want to get without becoming caught on something or running out of length completely.

A flower broken by a lawn mower power cord.The power cord can also cause havoc to your flower beds if you’re not keeping an eye on where you’re dragging it, knocking petals off, or worse still breaking the stems. And I won’t even mention the consequences if you happen to run over your own power cord with the mower and cut it in half.

With a cordless lawn mower, all you need to focus on is getting the grass cut as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even if time is short, like an hour’s window before rain is due, you can grab your cordless mower and get cutting without messing about unravelling a power cable.

Now, you may say that a petrol mower also allows you to move freely around your lawn without a power cord to worry about, but just think of the noise and the fumes from the engine. Is that how you want a Summer Sunday to be?

Quick to Start

Petrol lawn mowers can also be notoriously difficult to start, especially if they’ve been sat idle in the garage or shed for a long time, letting the fuel gunk up the engine. If you’re getting on in years, or are not particularly strong in your arms and back, just a few minutes of trying to start a petrol mower will leave you feeling drained before you’ve even started the actual mowing.

With a modern cordless lawn mower, all you need to do is grab the battery from its charger, slip it into the mower, and you’re ready to get going.

Easy to Store and Handle

Another big problem with petrol mowers is the storage and handling of them. Because they have a tank full of petrol and an engine sat on top, they can’t be folded flat for storage, so they end up sat on the floor in the shed or garage, taking up vital space.

A similar problem arises when trying to get the mower out onto the lawn. You have to be careful how you lift it so as not to spill petrol out all over the mower, the garden, or your legs, and so the mower tends to have to be pushed everywhere on its wheels, which can be troublesome if you a have narrow path to your garden. A corded electric mower doesn’t have this problem, but with that you’re also having to lift the weight of all that power cord that’s hanging on it.

Due to the fact that you can remove the battery from cordless lawn mowers, and only insert it when you’re ready to start mowing, they are much lighter to handle than either a petrol or corded mower. This is especially an advantage if you perhaps store your mower in the garage, and only have a narrow side path leading to your back garden. If it came to it, you could even carry a cordless lawn mower through the house, as there’s no petrol to spill.

Convenience Makes It Easy

The sad fact is that the difficulties in getting a petrol or corded lawn mower ready to actually start cutting often causes people to mow their lawn less often than they’d like to. They see mowing the lawn as a half-day or whole-day task, which means that they just won’t even attempt it if they have other things that they want to do that day. A cordless lawn mower frees you from such thoughts.

Up until a few years ago, I’d never considered a cordless vacuum cleaner to be a viable option for cleaning an entire house, so I stuck to my bulky corded one. The problem was, vacuuming became a once a week chore, so if I came in the front door and accidentally trod in some muck from outside, it would sit there on the carpet until the weekly clean-up.

Once I finally invested, in a cordless vacuum cleaner, things changed dramatically. If any muck got trodden in, I could instantly grab the cordless and take care of it, with no excuses. The same is true with mowing your lawn with a cordless lawn mower.

It doesn’t matter if you only have half an hour available, you can grab the mower and get cutting. If time runs out, the mower can be quickly and easily put away again. Even if you only get half the lawn cut in that time, the other half can be done the next day, as it’s so easy.

With a cordless lawn mower, mowing the lawn no longer has to be a weekend job. You can nip out for 30 minutes in the evening when you get in from work, just to keep it in check. You don’t have to wait for the lawn to become a jungle before begrudgingly getting the mower out. You can always keep it neat and at the perfect length to enjoy. It won’t be a chore anymore.

The Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower

Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower
Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower

One of the most impressive cordless lawn mowers that I’ve seen is the Gtech Falcon.

The Gtech Falcon cordless lawn mower has a 36V lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 40 minutes of work time. That’s enough to mow the average garden twice, or get both the front and back gardens done with a single charge. Of course, additional batteries are also available.

Gtech is a British company, started in 2001 by Nick Grey, the former Head of Product Development at the VAX vacuum cleaner company.

To date, Gtech have sold over 22 million products in 19 countries worldwide.

You can read my article about the full range of Gtech cordless garden tools, or you can visit the official webpage for the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower.

Note: UK Garden Design is proud to promote Gtech products as an affiliate. For more information on what that means, please visit our Affiliate Disclosure Page.

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