Effective Home Exercise Equipment – A Guide

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

There are many different types of effective home exercise equipment available, but it can be difficult to know which is best to develop certain areas of the body and certain aspects of of fitness. Therefore, I thought I would write up a little something that may help you with this…

What different types of effective home exercise equipment are there?


  • Cross Trainers – Most cross trainers offer users a quality and efficient total body, low-impact workout. Unlike most cardio equipment, cross trainers target a variety of muscles around the body, such as your quads, calves, biceps, triceps, and even your core.
  • Treadmills – Treadmills focus completely on the cardiovascular system and the lower part of the body. Whether you’re running, jogging, or just walking, it’ll raise the heart rate and provide a brilliant way of burning those excess calories, whilst also increasing cardiovascular endurance.
  • Rowing Machines (or Rowers) – Like the cross trainer, rowing machines provide a workout that work a range of muscles around the body such as the legs, arms and even the core due to the rowing motion. Good for an all over body workout, losing calories and all round fat.
  • Exercise Bikes (or Spin Bikes) – Get the legs pumping and the heart beating on an exercise bike. When working on an exercise bike, whether it be an upright bike, a recumbent bike, or a spin bike, you will work hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, and quadriceps, as well as significantly increasing stamina and muscular endurance.

Kettler Unix PX Cross Trainer

The Kettler Unix PX Cross Trainer provides users with a quality full body workout, whilst at the same time being easy on the joints, almost providing users with a zero impact workout experience. This machine comes with 8 training programmes that feature target zone training, as well as pulse recovery to help keep your workouts varied and to keep you motivated. The Unix PX also has 15 levels of resistance using a magnetic brake system, so you can easily control the intensity of your workouts. This makes it great for all levels of fitness.

This cross trainer from Kettler comes at an amazingly affordable price of just £999.

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A Kettler Unix PX Crosstrainer

Kettler Atmos Pro Treadmill

The Kettler Atmos Pro Treadmill is the perfect solution for users who are looking to get fit or keep fit, but all in the comfort of their own homes. Although this treadmill is designed to be used at home, it has an awesome commercial grade AC motor, meaning that it can withstand even the heaviest of uses throughout the day, and will still last you a long time. In addition to that, it also comes with a very sophisticated computer display that will help you easily keep track of your progression and performance. For that extra challenge, or to add variety to your runs to avoid boredom, you can also take advantage of the incline adjustment and different speed levels.

It comes at a price of just £999, which is amazing considering its advanced features.

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A Kettler Atmos Pro Treadmill

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

The Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine has been specifically designed to be longer in length. This provides users with a more beneficial workout, as it allows them to take longer strokes. Legs, back, and core get the full workout they need, due to the 10 resistance settings, letting you progress at your own speed. This rowing machine has a 6kg flywheel that runs smoothly for less impact on joints, while the foot plate and padded board offer rope pulley strength exercises, making it a very good choice for any home gym.

At a fantastic price of £599, you honestly cannot go wrong with this rowing machine.

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A Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

Kettler Racer 9 Spin Bike

The Kettler Racer 9 is an awesome spin bike, with some quality features that ensures you get awesome value for your money. A heavy 18kg flywheel ensures a smooth and solid feel whilst you’re pedalling, and unlike any other spinner bike on the market, this one has a gear shifter that provides you with a more realistic cycling feel. It also means that changing the intensity and resistance of your workouts just got even easier! The easy to use computer display shows pulse, watts, time, and much more key data to help track your body fitness and performance during exercise.

At £1499 you really cannot go wrong with this choice of exercise bike, which is really well built with the customer in mind.

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A Kettler Racer 9 Spinning Bike

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