About Me

Jason WebbHi, I’m Jason Webb, from Southampton, UK, and I love a nice garden!

Believe it or not, though, for much of my life I never got to enjoy a garden…

When I was about 3-years-old, my family and I moved from our house to take over the lease on a greengrocer’s shop from my Grandfather. For 10 years, we lived in the flat above the shop, with no garden at all, just a concrete backyard, which was mostly piled high with empty cardboard boxes from the shop (apart from the hutches for our pet rabbits).

The lease for the shop ran out when I was 13, and we finally moved to a house that had a garden. It was here that my Dad decided to create a full vegetable garden, with everything from potatoes to beans. I must admit that, having spent 10 years surrounded by vegetables in the shop (especially the rotten ones that had been thrown out), I wasn’t too thrilled with a vegetable garden. Still, I helped my Dad out when he asked me.

A garden of my very own…

When I finally got my own house with a garden, a started to take a lot more interesting in gardening. I love Japan, and had bought books on Japanese Zen gardens, so I really wanted to do something interesting with mine. Unfortunately, as is often the way with these things, my job came first, and I spent several years working away from home and staying in hotels (including 2 months working in my beloved Japan).

Finally, in the last couple of years, I’ve got myself into a situation where I’m working from home, and can therefore dedicate the time needed to having a really great garden.

These things start slowly at first, but I’ve gradually been learning and improving, and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learnt with you.

One of the key things about garden design ideas is deciding what will and won’t work for your own particular garden, so, although I haven’t been able to try everything myself, I’d still like to share what I think are good gardening ideas.

Since I live in the UK, much of what I write may be specific to the UK climate and seasons, but I’d like to think that some garden design ideas will work regardless of where you live.

I hope you find what I’ve written useful, and I hope it brings you success with your own garden.

Good Luck!