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Has society changed, or has it always been this way?

The internet revolution and social media were supposed to bring people together and connect them. Instead, it highlighted the differences, and now drives people apart. Those differences have always been there, we just stopped paying attention to them.

In this separated society, you’d expect music to be a more powerful force in communication than ever, but, sadly, that isn’t the case. Instead we find ourselves swamped by anthems to capitalism or disposable pop songs that are carefully selected by marketing men to appeal to the widest possible demographic. They offend nobody, and force nobody to think.

Those who are disillusioned with modern music have to search the vast archives of the past in order to find songs that mean something to them, as the lyrics are just as relevant now as they were then. Different age, same problems.

So, where’s all the modern music that means something?

Where’s the music that sends a message to a new generation?

Perhaps it’s right here…

Epsilon Mind brings electronic music back out of the clubs by combining futuristic synthesizer music with social messages that speak to the connected (and disconnected) population.

The music of Epsilon Mind doesn’t fit into a neat little genre. Genres are for marketing men. You could call it electropunk. You could even call it synthpop. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is the message.

Don’t follow a trend, start a new one!

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Society is changing. With greater connection comes greater control.

We think we have more freedom, but today’s surveillance culture is boxing us all in.

It’s not just “them” watching “us”, it’s also “us” watching “them”, and even “us” watching “us”.

Every aspect of our lives is open for examination and critique, as we all live under a microscope. Unfortunately, however much we complain about our lives being exposed in this way, we also love being able to monitor the lives of others.

From behind our shiny screens we can do it all, whilst at the same time doing nothing.


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What did you want to be when you were a child? An astronaut? A firefighter? A popstar? What happened to those dreams?

The answer: people happened!

Maybe they told you that your dreams were silly. Maybe they told you that you weren’t good enough.

Why did you listen to them?

Because they were older? Because they were wiser? Because they were a “leader” who you were told to listen to?

Whatever the reason, you abandoned your dreams, and so you find yourself where you are today.

Don’t worry though. Tomorrow comes after today, and tomorrow is yours to control.