An adult training course in a classroom

Career Advice – Never turn down a training course

December 11, 2016 Jason Webb 0

If the company that you work for ever offers to pay for you to go on a training course to learn additional skills, jump at the chance. The working world is becoming more and more compartmentalised, with every job seeming to require a different set of skills, licenses, or certifications. […]

Writers Notepad

Freelancing on

February 29, 2016 Jason Webb 0

I’ve recently started freelancing on, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to tell you why. In case you don’t know, freelancing means doing work for other people on a job by job basis. Unlike contracting, where you commit to working for an employer for a set amount […]

Lessons I Have Learned

Mobile Games Development: My 3 Year Lessons

February 23, 2016 Jason Webb 0

This year marks my third year as a full-time indie mobile games developer, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to jot down what I’ve learnt over that time. I think my thoughts may be useful to other people thinking of becoming an indie mobile games developer, but […]