Career Advice – Never turn down a training course

An adult training course in a classroom

If the company that you work for ever offers to pay for you to go on a training course to learn additional skills, jump at the chance.

The working world is becoming more and more compartmentalised, with every job seeming to require a different set of skills, licenses, or certifications. Even the software being used by companies is more and more specialised nowadays, making it critical that you keep up with it all.

Experience is no longer everything!

When you’ve been working in the same job for many years, it’s easy to become complacent, and think that you know everything you need to know. Meanwhile, the industry is changing around you, and all the new up-and-comers are bringing in skills and qualifications that you don’t have. Very soon, those new skills become the benchmark, and you discover that you no longer measure up.

No matter how many years of experience you have in a particular field, if you’re not certified to the most current regulations and familiar with the latest relevant technology, a potential employer is likely to pass you over for somebody who is.

Therefore, whenever your current employer offers you the opportunity to undertake a training course at their expense, no matter how irrelevant it seems to your current job, you should take them up on the offer. There’s no harm in having additional skills on your CV, and you never know when those skills might suddenly become an industry standard in your profession.

After all, there’s nothing worse than looking for a new job, and then discovering that you’ll have to pay out hundreds of pounds from your own pocket in order to take a training course to qualify for any vacancies.

So, plan ahead with your career, try to identify the emerging skills in your industry that might very soon become vital to have, and make sure that you gain those skills sooner rather than later.