Boxing Manager Game 2 – Playing Hints & Tips

Boxing Manager Game 2 for Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Amazon Fire

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Playing Instructions – Android Mobile Devices, iOS (iPhone & iPad), and Amazon Fire

1. Tap the screen to move to the next screen or to select a menu item.

2. You should save the game at regular intervals. Two save slots are available for manual saves.

3. NEW for Boxing Manager Game 2 V2.1 onwards – An Auto-Save feature has been added. The game now auto-saves at 3 points:

1) On Saturday AFTER pressing “Advance Game”, but BEFORE night’s event runs.
2) On Sunday AFTER pressing “Advance Game”, but BEFORE new event is booked.
3) AFTER pressing “Quit Game” button in Game Menu and returning to game title screen.

NOTE: All 3 share the same save slot, and will overwrite each other.

Hints & Tips

1. Boxers with low determination will not perform so well in training, may not have the desire to get up after being knocked down in a fight, and may retire altogether if their career goes badly.

2. You must build up your reputation as a successful manager before you can expect to sign already successful boxers.

3. A boxer’s “Recovery” attribute determines how quickly he can regain energy after training, as well as during a fight. A boxer with a low value will become exhausted by too much training each day.

4. Boxers with low stamina will tire quickly in a fight, so they should avoid moving too much, and try to win the fight quickly.

5. “Stamina” determines how quickly a boxer loses energy in a fight or training. “Recovery” determines how quickly he will regain energy whilst resting.

6. If a boxer has low “Stamina” or “Recovery” attributes, you may have to limit him to two, or maybe even one, type of training each day, as three will exhaust him.

7. “Jab and Move” is a good tactic to help fast but weak boxers win on points. However, they will need good stamina to avoid tiring and risking being knocked down before the final bell.

8. Boxers who are slow or lack stamina may be better off trying to slug it out with their opponent in the hope of scoring an early KO with big punches.

9. Remember, you must save your game manually, and preferably whilst on your main “Office Menu” screen.

10. To ensure compatibility between your saved game and future app updates, always try to be on your main Office Menu screen before saving.

11. Boxer records are shown as: Wins(Wins by KO)-Losses(Losses by KO)-Draws.

12. Cardio training improves recovery and stamina, and, to a lesser extent, footwork.

13. Heavy Bag training improves strength, and, to a lesser extent, stamina and accuracy.

14. Skipping improves footwork, and, to a lesser extent, recovery and stamina.

15. Sparring improves awareness, defence, toughness, stamina, and intelligence. It also helps accuracy, anticipation, and footwork a small amount.

16. Speed Bag training improves accuracy and hand speed.

17. Weight training improves strength, and, to a lesser extent, toughness.

18. Stamina and recovery are important for success in fights and training, so improving these areas should be a primary focus.

19. If a boxer isn’t responding to training, it could be that his determination is too low, so he’s just not trying. There’s nothing that can be done to fix a lack of determination.

20. Rookie fighters may be easy for you to sign due to their low expectations, but they’ll also quickly sign with other managers if you miss your chance.

21. If a boxer is unhappy with his current manager, he may not sign a new contract, and will fight as a free agent until a decent offer comes along.

Training & “Auto-Train”

— You can set a maximum of three training types for your boxer. If Auto-Train is left off then your boxer will keep training in those three ways until you manually change it.

— If, however, Auto-Train is switched on, the training types will change automatically as required, and over time you will see the various training types switch on or off as the game decides. Although you can set the training types yourself and then turn Auto-Train on, you may find that, the next day, the game has changed those selections to what it thinks is best.

— Auto-Train can still only select a maximum of three training areas at once though. Also, if a boxer has low stamina or recovery, and therefore gets tired by heavy training, you may find that Auto-Train only chooses one or two training types for him (normally cardio) until his fitness increases.

— Basically, regardless of what training you set manually, Auto-Train (if switched on) will make its own selections when you move to the next day. Apart from that, there’s technically no difference between selecting training areas yourself and letting Auto-Train do it for you. It’s just a tool of convenience for people who don’t want to get bogged down in checking training settings all the time.