Boxing Manager Game 2 for Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), and Amazon Fire

Boxing Manager Game 2 for Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Amazon Fire

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Boxing Manager Game 2, a new, faster rebuild of Boxing Manager, is out now for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Amazon Fire!

Boxing Manager Game 2 for Android mobile devices, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Amazon Fire is out now, inspired by classic management style boxing games of the past such as World Championship Boxing Manager for the Amiga.

Can you take your stable of boxers to the top of the World Boxing Rankings and help them win the World Heavyweight Championship? It’s up to you with this exciting boxing management game.

Boxing Manager features:

— 100 unique boxers with 14 attributes, all randomly generated for your game world, so no two players will have exactly the same experience with it.

— Careful choice of boxers for your stable is required if you want a champion (or even a challenger). A low cut resistance means that boxer will bleed during matches, a bad chin (glass jaw) will see him vulnerable to a knockout punch, whilst low determination means he won’t train hard, won’t want to get up after being knocked down, and may retire if his boxing career goes badly.

— Every boxer trains, improves, ages, gets worse, and eventually retires, to be replaced by a new rookie. The game world of Boxing Manager is ever-evolving.

— Select training focus for each boxer. Is dodging the priority, or punching strength? Do you want him to spar, or do you want him to punch the heavy bag? You get to select from training areas such as sparring, weight training, cardio, or speed bag.

— Boxing Manager is designed to be accessible to even casual fans, so it avoids bogging you down in micro-management. If you don’t want to get involved with training your boxers, you can switch them to “Auto-Train” and let one of your gym team take care of it, leaving you free to just make the matches.

— Choose your boxer’s tactics for each round of the boxing match. Do you want him to move fast with quick jabs, or be a slugger and go for the knockout with slow, but powerful hook and uppercut punches?

As you travel along the path towards a World Title bout, you’ll need to train your boxers to be the best that they can be in the ring. Do you want to focus on improving punching strength and toughness, or do you want to improve speed and punch accuracy? As a professional boxing manager, you need to be a master of training in the gym.

Booking matches for your boxers is no easy matter either. You’ll need to plot your fighters’ course up the rankings carefully if you want them to be be successful. Putting them against tough opponents too soon could result in morale-wrecking losses that eventually cause them to quit the fight game altogether.

The boxer rankings in Boxing Manager work on the “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man” principle. This means that the only way to climb the rankings is by beating better opponents. Just beating journeyman fighters will get you nowhere, but if you beat a better boxer, then you will take their ranking spot. This ensures that boxers don’t climb the World Rankings by racking up wins against nobodies.

It’s not all about the winning when you’re a boxing manager though. When you sign a boxer to a contract, they will have certain expectations about how high up the rankings they should be, how big a percentage of each fight purse they should be getting, and even if they feel they should get a title shot. If you fail to help them reach their expectations within the contracted number of fights, they’re likely to leave your stable, so be careful what promises you make.

Once fight night rolls around, you’ll take your place at ringside as your boy steps into the ring to fight. You’ll have to choose his fighting style based on his particular boxing skills, and even patch him up between rounds if he needs it. Hopefully, you’ll be raising his hand in victory at the end of the bout, but anything can happen in a boxing match.

So, are you ready to enter the brutal world of professional boxing and turn your fighters into a World title challenger as a boxing manager?

Boxing Manager Game 2 is available now for Android mobile devices, iOS (iPhone & iPad), and Amazon Fire.