Books by Jason Webb

I think it’s probably safe to say that I’m addicted to writing. I have the urge to write and create something almost everyday, and this has led to me writing books, blogs, songs, and even movie screenplays in my quest to get my creative thoughts down in some form or other.

On this page, you’ll find a list of books that I have written, from novels to books of photography and poetry. Feel free to browse and see what sparks your curiosity.


CRYSTAL BUDDHA: Sake, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll in Tokyo

CRYSTAL BUDDHA: Sake, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll in Tokyo - A novel by Jason WebbIn the summer of 2009, Jack Dempsey took his band, Crystal Buddha, to Tokyo, Japan to record an album and play some gigs. The trip was supposed to have been the start of big things for the four London rockers. The kids in Tokyo loved British bands and he was sure that Crystal Buddha would win them over.

What Jack hadn’t bargained on was attracting the attention of some of Tokyo’s criminal element. However, before long, he’d discovered just how persistent these underworld operators could be when there was something they wanted.

The incidents that followed would take Jack from the streets of Shibuya to Shinjuku’s notorious Kabukicho district as they threatened not only the the future of Crystal Buddha and the album, but also the safety of the band members themselves.

Photo Books

A JAPANESE FEELING: Experiencing Japan through Photography, Poetry, and Prose

A JAPANESE FEELING: Experiencing Japan through Photography, Poetry, and Prose - A book by Jason WebbJapan has always been a thought-provoking place for me. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what I’m feeling though. Feelings of wonder are often mixed with feelings of confusion and even thoughts about life back home.

In this book, I’ve attempted to express through poems and prose the feelings stirred up within me by photographs of my travels across Japan through cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, and Hiroshima.

I wonder if my photos can stir up similar feelings in somebody who has never been to Japan, or whether they’ll feel something totally different.